Water Splashes


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Oct 17, 2006
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Bradley, IL
:lol: Clark Kent (Brandon) & I were experimenting last week with water splashes, water droplets (posted un another post) and a few fireworks. Here are some splashes made with various items being dropped in the water. Background is thin colored poster board. C/C welcome and thanaks for looking!










cool set you and your friends. I like the bouncy ball one. Maybe its my comp but the first couple seem a little bit dark. _danny
Thanks for the comments. Kondro86, I lightened up the first 2 for you. It just so happened that I liked the darker ones better, but I believe you were right, so I edited them and I like 'em a little lighter after all. Thanks!!


I didn't realize how much of the vortex the bouncy ball created when it was dropped in. These look good Steve. I love doing this stuff....can't wait to get back into the shaving cream too!
damn, how i just LOVE seeing the stuff you two do. just aweseome. mind sharing your setup? i assume this is done with a macro lens?

btw, the lighter edit is indeed much better of the first two.
Thanks for the comment. We use 2 (sometimes 3) cameras (on tripods, of course), macro lens, 18-55mm; 70-300mm & other lens. Flash units with sound triggers. Then we switch the setup, colors, etc around to get different effects. We take hundreds of photos experimenting like this. Many shots are too dark, blurry, timing off and so forth. But we do get a few that turn out.
Nice to know someone has free time on their hands. Ha! Ha! These are cool as always and your imaginations just run wild. I am now able to view more than one photo a night now thanks to Clark and my new internet service. Keep up the good work!
Congratulations on your computer upgrades & thanks for the comment. We're thinking of something new to do within a few weeks.
Thanks for the comment on #5. That's one of my favorites, the ball just hitting the water.

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