Updating camera firmware?


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Oct 21, 2004
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Anyone do it? I was browsing the Pentax site and noticed there was a firmware update for my DS. I downloaded it, debated on installing it, then my curiosity got the best of me. The main reason for installing it was the addition of Auto ISO and some other features I'll probably never use. The previous version only allowed me to go down to 200 and I would like less at times. Still, I don't think it will even with the update.

At any rate, it was quite nerve racking for me. There was a big disclaimer saying that if anything crapped out while you were updating, Pentax would charge you to fix it, even if under warranty and it would be inoperable. So, I held my breath, said a prayer, crossed both fingers, and luckily it worked w/o a hitch.

So, I was wondering if you guys as a rule, generally update when one is available or avoid it. Also wondered if you heard any horror stories of a camera being reduced to a doorstop in the process.
Johnboy2978 said:
...as a rule, generally update when one is available...

As a general rule - No, I don't automatically update the firmware just because there's a firmware update. If the new firmware actually provides some new functionality or does correct a problem that I'm having - then, sure, I'll update it. Otherwise, it's "if it ain't broke, don't fix it."

The firmware updates that I have installed have gone off without a hitch .... no horror stories from me.
I have updated a Canon and Nikons without out a problem. Just make sure you have a fresh battery. And I always use the cf card for it. I don't link the camera to computer for anything.
I always update. It's easy, and it is totally harmless. The camera manufacturers always put up huge disclaimers. Get a fresh battery, and you'll be fine.

If you really don't see any functionality that you need, you can obviously skip it. Canon always explains every change very clearly.
I update also. Only have done it with Nikons and never had a problem.
i updated my konica minolta dimage's firmware, but who cares now since they gave up on photography
Much like computer BIOS updates, firmware updates for cameras have the potential, particularly if interrupted, to stuff things up beyond user repair. There is no point applying an update unless it does something you want done to the camera - it's not a security patch, it's a significant update to the "operating system" of the camera. If your camera performs fine and all functionality is available, then it stands to reason that the risk (albeit small, but serious) needs to be weighed against the advantages (usually small) of applying it.

FWIW, my 20D works fine, so I'm leaving it alone!! ;)

It's one of those things that usually goes fine, but when it goes bad, it goes really, really bad. Like others, I'll upgrade, but only if I feel I need it. Same goes for any other hardware.

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