Upgrade from D80 to a D5600?

Discussion in 'Nikon Cameras' started by scottmandue, Oct 7, 2017.

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    As you noted, the D7200 is a good option if you really want to see an upgrade in the camera body over the D80. I think they were both positioned about the same point in the Nikon line, but you get a couple generations newer tech in the sensor and AF.

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    I vote D7200 over the D5600 if you can swing the costs.
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    To me, the D5000-series pentamirror viewfinders looks substandard, compared against the real, genuine pentaprism viewfinder system that was used in the D80,D90,and the D7100 and D7200; to some people the difference is small, or they used Live View to frame and compose shots with, but for those looking right through the camera's viewfinder, the size and magnification and clarity and contrast of the viewfinder itself can be a signifcant part of the picture-making experience. For that reason alone, viewfinder image quality, I have never felt comfortable with a number of lower-level camera bodies, when compared to the mid- or top-level Nikon cameras of the past 40 years.

    But then...I wear eyeglasses when I shoot, so that keeps my eye a bit farther from the viewfinder eyepiece, so to me the bigger viewfinders, with longer eye relief, are better--for ME at least. But when you look at ma D5000-series or a D3000-series camera, realize that the viewfinder magnification has steadily been ticking upward as Nikon has iterated those lines; the newer models are slightly better than the earlier models, yet they are ALL STILL pentamirror bodies; this cuts weight and cost, yet still there is a noticeable "squinty" nature to these newer camera bodies. The serious enthusiast bodies (D80,D90,D7000,D7100,D7200) simply have a better viewfinder image than the 3- and 5000-series bodies.

    If you want full Nikon lens autofocusing compatibility, and had a D80, you will definitely want a 7100 or 7200, to stay in the same class of camera AND to ensure that older-style AF and AF-D or "screw driven" focusing Nikon lenses will work fully with a D80 replacement camera.

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