Upgraded body test shot of my cat...


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Mar 12, 2010
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So I recently upgraded my main body from my trusty D90, to a good used D3s that I got a great deal on...all I can say is...holy crap, this thing blows my mind...at a quick glance from a few test shots, to me it looks like ISO3200 on the D3s is cleaner than ISO800 on my D90...crazy! I don't know why I waited so long to switch to FX, I also got to test out my new 24-70 f2.8 lens too.

I know this shot isn't anything great, but its just a test shot with the camera trying to get used to the new body, so I'm not really looking for detailed C&C or anything. just stoked, and thought I'd share...this is my usual test subject for new equipment, my Siamese cat, at this point he just kindof tolerates me as I take pictures, heh...this is ISO800, F3.2, a little cropping out some dead space and resizing, and covert to Jpeg from RAW is about all the PP done.

I'm looking forward to using it more, and out in the field too. yay..
Lovely cat!! Nice photo in my newb eyes.
well, I didn't pay 5200 for the D3s, and it has ~32k clicks on it already, but its pristine, I got it from a friend for a great price and some work traded....I was expecting better ISO, but it exceeded my expectations by quite a bit...I used film back in the 90's and only recently got back into photography and into the digital scene with the D90 a couple years ago....

I really want to get it on one of my telescopes and try some astrophotography with it, but I need a good remote release for it since the one for my D90 isn't compatable.

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