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Jul 27, 2007
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I have a D60 and the two kit lenses that came with it, 18-55 and 55-200. I also have the AF-S 50 mm 1.4 G.

Question: What would be a good upgrade for a multipurpose lens, that's better than the 18-55?
And also, if upgrading camera bodies, is it worth it to go full frame? Right now this is just a hobby.

Thanks in advance!
Hi Katie and welcome to the forum.

Your questions are a bit ambiguous. What are you looking to upgrade? Faster aperture? Sharpness/image quality? Focal range? If it's the later then the Nikon 18-200mm or 18-300mm lenses are worth a look at, purely for the convenience they offer. Obviously that comes at the sacrifice of a faster aperture and image quality that you would get with a professional optic. If it's aperture, then something like the Sigma 17-50mm f/2.8 EX DC OS HSM.

It's only worth upgrading camera body if you are limited by your existing equipment. For example are you finding the ISO performance lacking? The FPS count not high enough? The resolution not sufficient for your needs? Generally full frame cameras are the weapon of choice because of their sensor performance. However, there are times when the APS-C sensors are an advantage, when it comes to getting more pulling power from a lens, for things like wildlife photography or sports. You also have the added cost of purchasing full frame lenses too, as the DX lenses won't work on an FX camera, unless set to DX mode, which pretty much defeats the point of upgrading to full frame.

Photography is just a hobby now. Are you looking to take it further in the future? How serious a hobby is it for you? Is it worth dropping a few thousand dollars on a new camera body and lenses, if it only gets used high days and holidays, etc?
Not enough info to work with

If you plan on going FX in the future then get FX lenses even if you plan on staying DX for now.
What is your definition of multipurpuse lens ?
For me its Nikon 24-70mm 2.8

Is going FX a big jump from DX ?

Well when looking at low light performance then yes, its a big jump.
Image quality in good lighting condition is not going to change much.
Going FX means you are loosing the crop factor but gain the full potential in wide shots like landscape.
On the off chance you return.

I agree with AKUK above firstly.

Its a generic enough question but I'll hazard a guess and say you likely have the old 18-55 and 55-200mm that are not vr. Vr is not the be all end all of lenses , but these newer nikon kits with vr have better optics than the older ones. What you have is a good set up, but both cameras and lenses have come a long way since the d60. I'd also hazard a guess and say if you are any way happy with this set up, that you do not need full frame,and a dx upgrade would be enough (ymmv)

For the price of an fx body you could upgrade your whole dx kit. Normally its advised lenses first, body then, but here your body is older and your current lenses will work, and indeed with a newer camera you should see an improvement in your ability to shoot in conditions with more difficult light.

There is a very small refurbished market where I am from, but I see refurbished stuff recommended here all the time, so maybe look at a refurb d7100. This camera will double you resolution, double your frame rate, add a stop or more to your hi iso shots, have better dynamic range, a far better autofocus system, a bigger viewfinder, better battery performance, twin card slots, better ergonomics with twin dials, shoot video, have a far better screen and has a degree of weather sealing if coupled with the right lens.

My second move would probably be to upgrade the standard 18-55, but in this case I'd go body first and see where I go from there

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