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uploading photos


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Jan 16, 2009
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So I tried the fight club this morning. I had everything going so good. I got some great shots. Then I had to upload to the thread. Nothing.... only a bunch of coded mess. I tried flickr and photobucket. I did all combinations I could. I copied and pasted for about an hour but I couldn't get any pictures to come up.

I'm really pissed now :( I wish someone could tell me how to do this. I prefer photobucket but if someone could please tell me how to load pictures to this site I'd be so happy. I've done it before and I can't understand why I can't do it today.

odd - you have to hover over the image in your photobucket account for the codes to show - then you copy the last one (remember you click once which should select the code in blue then press ctrl and C on your keyboard to copy)
jump into TFF and paste in the data
I had problems with Flickr and use Photobucket pretty much exclusively now. Upload your images to Photobucket and once you have saved the images, hover your mouse over the image. A dropdown will display. Select the IMG Code. Copy (Crtl C) that line, go to your reply thread on TPF and paste (Ctrl V). Make sure
B] & [B]
begins and ends the URL filename. There's a couple of stickys... i think in the Beginners gallery. have a look around.
Further I don't advocate the use of photobucket for photographers anymore in light of this:

try to get flickr to work if you can. With a flickr photo you have to select the photo - then above the photo in its window there should be an option for "all sizes" click that to get taken to a window where you select the size you want. Click on the size then when it loads scroll down and there are 2 blocks of text - copy the last and then paste that into a thread putting:
at either end of the copied text to show the image
thanks there are instructions as stickies. I've been working on it for a long time now. I just feel so stupid, it's very frustrating.


OMG!!!! I think I"m going to cry!!!!! I got it. Now if I can just figure out why it's coming out so small. :(
ahh you got it working :)
note that the photobucket copy text has the
Wow, I can't believe what I've done. My copy and paste command wasn't working properly this whole time. I'm so grateful that it wasn't my stupidity all along. Everytime I hit copy it never copied. I finally noticed when the line had flickr on it when I know I copied from photobucket.

thanks for all your help guys. :)

My attempt from Flickr


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