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Jun 22, 2012
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Sioux Falls, SD
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All right, at the risk of the verbal lashings, I'll post a selective color shot. I've played with this one for a while and have finally settled where it sits.... for now.

As always, comments welcome.

IMG_2833a by breckmiller, on Flickr

edit: For the record, the greens were not tweaked hardly at all. They really were that green.
Dont know why, but for some reason, my eyes keep going back to the man and away from the roof. I will wait for some experts to explain why.
One of the rare times when selective color works and even makes sense.

Even though the greens were 'that' green, I think the image would benefit from some toning down of the green. It won't look so artificial and 'in your face.' THe goal is obviously not to be true to reality but to make a point without distraction. The highly green greens distract a viewer to think that the photog pumped them up.
Thanks for the comments - I was beginning to think this post was going to die a lonely death.

Manyvan2000 - Interesting. I actually did a little 'street cleaning' to make sure the individual did pop a little more, but still wasn't sure how well they would stand out. Glad they did - I thought they were a mildly important element in the shot.

Here's an edit with the greens toned down a little - a little tweak to saturation and brightness.

IMG_2833a1 by breckmiller, on Flickr

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