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    hey guys, im doing a project in college and i am doing about CCTV footage etc.... and im taking photos that look like CCTV stills, and also some 'forensc' style photos as if someone has broken into a place and im photographing evidence... i have to do some research on techniques and i ma totally stumped on what to do.

    i have put about using th film grain filter in photoshop and using a wide angle lense for a good DOF in the CCTV stills, but i need to do like 15 more pages on techniques.

    ANY suggestions would be very helpful!! i know its a very vague topic and i may not have explained very well but thanks for any help!!!

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    What about talking about the angle of the CCTV stills. They're always taken from above. (which I personally find pretty stupid for identifying people but there might be a reason they do it like this)

    Googling around a bit, I learnt that CCTVs are designed for either indoors or outdoors and basically work off contrast changes. Maybe you could talk about that (?) There's a lot of info on that site that might give you some ideas.

    wrt the forensic photographing, you could talk about how they just take loads of photos of everything, and not just what they mainly see. So then later they might notice something that wasn't important first off. Or you could talk about why they take the photos in a certain way - ie to keep it in context maybe) I really know nothing about forensics. :blush:
    I hope this gave you some ideas.

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