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Aug 30, 2015
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I am currently using a fuji s8600(bridge camera) and I'm looking at a couple used DSLR cameras currently, but i have a close friend who has offered me his Sony Alpha A100K for dirt cheap($50). Believe it was released in '06, but question is would this be a good camera to learn the basics of a DSLR on or is it to old ?
If it is functioning and comes with a lens, battery and charger, it's a bargain to learn on.
$50 is a throwaway price to find out if you like to do photography.
Definetly love photography, just certain limits om Shutterspeed and and aperture on my bridge.
The Sony Alpha A100K has limited features, compared to cameras sold today. It was sold for $900 back in 2006.
It good enough for learning how to use a camera.
Sony a100 was Sony's first digital DSLR, it was replaced by the a200 and a300 (all three cameras has the same sensor).
I bought the Sony a300 when it was new, it was a very good camera back in the day.
Today its pretty much obsolete, yes you can learn all the basics of photography on it but I wouldn't bother, what's the point committing to an obsolete system and after you know the basics you need to chuck it and looking for your "first serious camara".
Main issue is the horible low light performance, this is just a good light camera, low light and this camera is pretty useless, it was ok till 400ISO, 800ISO and pictures already camera out noisy.
My recommendation get a Nikon D3200 or D3300 with its kit lens, its not dirt cheap like this old a100 but then you are getting recent technology for very good money.
If it is just $50 and it is fully functional, I will go with it. It is a system with limitations, but it is still a good camera. In fact, I saw great photos produced from even older DSLR cameras.

Here is the thing. You spend $50 and start learning. And few months to a year or 2 later, you decided you want to invest more. If the camera is still fully functional, how much do you think you can sell it for? Is $25 sound reasonable? So it only cost your $25. You maybe able to sell it for more than $25. Who knows. Even if you decided not to sell it. Your cost is only $50. If you use it for one year, that is like $4 a month rental fee.
The Sony a100 is essentially a re-branded, somewhat upgraded, Konica Minolta DG-5D.
The Sony a100 is the first DSLR camera Sony marketed after acquiring Konica Minolta's camera division in early 2006.

Konica Minolta - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
On January 19, 2006 the company announced that it was quitting the camera business due to high financial losses. SLR camera service operations were handed over to Sony starting on March 31, 2006 and Sony has continued development of cameras that are compatible with Minolta autofocus lenses.
For $50 with a lens, that's a lot of camera. If it's a good light only camera, well, shoot it in good light. Surely you can use it to learn the basics of d-slr photography on. It looks alright to me.
I want to add the facts about buying into a system
When you are getting your first camera that changes lenses then you are not only getting a camera but a whole system.
Different lenses do different things so you might want to buy more lenses as you go so think carefully before commiting to a system.
Sony makes nice cameras but today they only focus at mirrorless so I think you should think twice before committing to any system.
Well - assuming you also get a lens and dont have to buy one - its just 50$, so - sure, go for it.

It still will have a MUCH larger sensor than your bridge, thus better image quality, despite the "old" tech. And those old Minolta lenses havent been behind what Canon and Nikon offer, unlike far too many "modern" Sony lenses. And the controls will be worlds ahead of what your bridge offers, too.

Just make sure its a normal zoom, like a 18-55mm or 18-105mm or something like that, or a normal prime, like a 24mm or 35mm or something in that range. And if you get even more lenses than that, even better.

And as goodguy just said - dont make it the entry drug into a bad system. Unfortunately ever since Sony got their hands on the old Minolta system, it went downhill. Its just 50$. Use the camera until you want something better - and then think carefully about what you want to get.

Without a lens, I wouldnt get it.
Go for it. $50.00 is a bargain. I still have mine that I bought many moons ago. Still use it on occasion, still working just fine.

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