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Discussion in 'Beyond the Basics' started by jacob.roecker, Jan 25, 2006.

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    Hi ALL:

    I've got a website up for my family, and like many family sites, it's gots a bunch of pics. What can I say? I've got cute kids and a wife with some photographic skills!

    Now the thing is this. Mom lives in CT and wants to order some of the pics off the site. I COULD post them up at shutterfly, yahoo photos, walmart photos, or any number of places... But then what's the point in spending all my time on site layout?

    Is there a webservice out there that will allow me to change my photo pages so there's a radio button near each one. Then, at the bottom a submit button. >>> Then off the photos go to some company that's going to print them... Mom puts in her Credit Card info, address and she's good to go!

    I contacted Shutterfly about the idea and their customer support didn't understand what I was asking them to do.
    Hey you guys are the experts! Someone out there do this and you're going to at least make money off of my Mom!


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    new jersey

    i would say no. it would require alot of coding and a company that will work with you. wouldn't be worth it. you could do something like that but instead of automatically sending it to the company, you could order it for them from say shutterfly. it could put there info and pics wanted into a database that you could just go and look at. you could use paypal for them to deposit the money into your account but i beleive paypal charges a fee for each transaction. either way both cases require alot of coding. knowledge of ASP(active server pages) would make it easier.

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