Using my flash off-camera?


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Apr 2, 2009
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I'm getting a bit bored with my camera mounted speedlight 430ex and want to set it up so i can use it off camera. I'm just wondering what my options are for this or what price range i'd be looking at for a wireless remote?

You’ll probably want a stand and umbrella too.

Stand - $30
Umbrella adapter - $15
Westcott 43” white shoot through umbrella - $20

Remote options are huge. What’s your budget? You could spend anywhere from $400 to a very reliable remote and trigger that’s “pro grade” and the industry standard to $30 for a remote and trigger that’s really hit or miss on QA and could work for what you want or could be really frustrating. Or you could spend $100 on a middle of the road trigger that’s very reliable and will do everything you want.

Cactus V2S
Alien Bee Cyber Sync
Elinchrom Skyports
Radio Poppers RP1 (?)
Pocket Wizard PII’s

Just a sampling of options going from cheapest up top, to most expensive down below.

The 430EX doesn’t have a pc port, so what ever you get will have to have a hot shoe mount or you’ll have to buy a hot shoe that you can pug a cable into. Those are fairly cheap and can be found at . is a good place to get most of the other stuff.
There are several options and this has been talked about on the forum quite a bit. Try a search, you will come up with plenty to read.

In a nutshell;
If you want to retain E-TTL metering, like you have when the flash is mounted on the camera...then there are a couple options. One would be to get a Canon 'master' unit. It could be a 580EX flash or the ST-E2.
Another option would be the new Pocketwizards.

The other popular way of using the flash off-camera, is to use a radio or optical trigger. This just fires the flash, so you have to figure out and set the power manually.

You could also use a cord....but that's no fun ;)
or just sell the cannon and get a nikon =)

Mine works just fine with just the body and a couple of flashes....

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