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Jun 19, 2009
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I'm just curious how many people actually do things for V-day....lol Other than a card and a dinner, we don't do much.

What did you do for your sweetheart this year?:greenpbl:
My husband and I don't do much for Valentine's...we went out together to get new covers for our Kindle Fire's. I also brought him home a dozen of his favorite donuts from Krispy Kreme. lol
My sweetheart doesn't want chocolates or flowers. So I made dinner for her, cleaned up after. Plus one of her favourite movies... Of course, it's not what you do on ONE day, it's what you do every day... :hug::
Saint Valentine was clubbed, stoned and then beheaded. Doesn't seem like much to start a holiday with. :lol:

I'm not a big of Valentine's Day. Largely because there is no sweetie in my life and Valentine's Day just seem like a great big, National Couples Day, when the whole world collectively says, "What?!?! You're SINGLE? You can't even get a DATE?? What is WRONG with you???" Or at least, it seems that way. ;)

Valentine's Day also reminds me of my sweet daddy, who passed away 7 years ago. Even when I was a grown woman with kids of my own, Valentine's Day was Daddy's holiday. On birthdays, Christmas, Easter, any of those, Mom did all the shopping, wrapping and card buying. Dad just signed the card and was done with it. But on Valentine's Day, DAD went out, picked out the card himself, bought chocolates (ALWAYS the ones in the heart-shaped box for my sister and I, and a box of chocolate-covered cherries for my mom), bought flowers, and then at dinner, each of our places had our little Valentine's gifts.
Oh, and he cooked dinner too, but that was nothing unusual. My dad did most of the cooking, and ALL of the grocery shopping.
Bought my wife a trip to the salon to get her hair done for this weekend's shoot :D
Last year I got a matboard valentine, cut on their new CNC matboard cutter, from my picture framing sweetlie.

So, it's only fair that I gave my darling a carved wax heart cut on my new CNC Mill. :p
We're having V Day on the 16th instead. I figure we can shop the v-day leftovers for half off, then give them the next day :)
I gave the girlfriend some lovely orchids (that I get to shoot too!) lol!

Grilled a 2.5" thick ribeye (covered with chunky Montreal Steak rub - we split the 24oz steak) just the way she likes it (RARE), and sauteed some asparagus with bacon bits and onion (left it slightly crispy).. and then served it on some hot plates! She's like my cooking.. so she is a happy girl!
I freakin hate this damn day.

That being said, I took the 18 month old to a you paint, they glaze and fire, pottery place and made the SO a mug with hand prints and stuff.

But this day is still stupid and all about the $$.

I freakin hate this damn day.

But this day is still stupid and all about the $$.


Damn.. that is twice today that I agree with you! lol!

This day (like many other holidays) has become a COMMERCIAL nightmare.... where everybody is expected (forced) to by flowers, candy, cards.. and all sort of other meaningless crap.... when a real hug, a real kiss... some real attention paid to your loved ones (instead of the frickin TV) would matter so much more!
Blah.......it's really NOT about the money. It's about stopping for a minute in our busy lives to think about the one we love. Yeah, yeah....I know "I think about them everyday" lol
Picture? I bet it's beautiful!

No, it's not beautiful, really. Just a bit of fun, and an inside joke. :D


You can see a line that runs through the "I"....that's where I sped up the feed rate and broke the cutting bit, because it was taking toooooo long. I am learning to do this, and this was an expensive mistake...$15 cutter. Boken.
^^^^^That right there is what V-day is about!!

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