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Jun 14, 2004
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Middle of Nowhere, Oz.
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Took this at the sydney memorial here in geraldton.So far as composition is concerned, I had a better Idea for the photo than this, but ran out of useable light before I could capture it, and the cloud cover present within it is an uncommon thing here (in terms of detail)

I thought I'd post it anyway, so here it is:


And another Taken on the same evening (Added to gallery 13/03)
I have looked at this image three times and still cant decide what it is that I like about it. I think it's the mystery in it. Photographs should always create something in the mind of the viewer at least that's what I was taught. Make them think. If I see something that is appealing but can't quite get it, then I am bothered until I do. Maybe that is the sign of a successful photo no matter what the technical level of it.

For instance would this be better with more light in the bottom. Probably not, though that was my first thought. Would it be better with some of the bottom cropped out, for my taste yes, but not necessarily for anyone else. If you crop it then it would have to be not the ordinary size our eyes are used to. It would have to be a panaroma and that might actually be a good thing. Anyway something about it on a purely emotional level appeals to me.

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