Vaccation in Turkey :)


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Jan 24, 2013
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Here's a few pics from my vaccation in Turkey...feel free to drop a comment or two :) The photos have been edited in Light room.





I like the lines in the first photo. Where was this taken? My daughter visited friends in Turkey and toured the country. She loved Ismir.
Hey, thanks :)

All four photos where taken in Alanya, Turkey. The first photo which you are referring to was taken on the Cleopatra beach, Alanya.

More comments?
Thank you!

I'm kind of new to both photography and editing, just went with what I thought looked good :)
Thanks for all the nice comments, really appreciate it!

Loved the view from the castle upon the mountain :)

Np, always fun to share!
First one has that "Artistic" touch, the others are just good vacation shots to me.
Thank you for your opinion Cenote, appreciate it :)
Took alot of photos during our little trip and then selected these 4 (since I thought they stood out) photos and did some editing.

What do you guys think about the third photo? I like it alot for some reason, can't put my finger on it though...

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