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Jun 23, 2010
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New Zealand
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1) Am going through several thousand image files from the past couple of months and pulled out seven to put on my website. They're here Camus Wyatt | Latest
These were all with the K-7, two Sigma zooms, and my poor lost/stolen DA 21mm limited.

2) Have just joined a photographers collective called SEA/collectiv, which is a small group of mostly documentary photographers from various interesting backgrounds. They're based in various parts of south-east (hence the SEA) and southern Asia, so in New Zealand I'm a rather far flung member! One thing they do is put out an interesting PDF bi-monthly of documentary photography called MOMENTS. SEA/collectiv is here: SEA/collectiv and here seacollectiv, A Photographers collectiv | Lightstalkers and here sea/collectiv Info | Facebook

3) If you're on facebook, do come along to a page I've started here: Camus Wyatt: Photographs | Facebook
The page has replaced the facebook group I had previously which several of you were on. God knows if many people follow it, but I've found it good to keep me reading/looking at new things to do with photography, and it also serves as a saved list of interesting links, articles and images.

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