Various NY (upstate) Landscapes

Second is my favorite. Loooove the rays and the flare on the left of the frame. For me, it is the thing that takes the picture from "pretty" to "captures the mood."
yeah, agree

#2 is the winner

Lens flare is what happens when I lean my hood at home. lol
Well done sir. I love everything about each one. Waterfall is fantastic composition and I love the mood created. Very creative artist is what I say!

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Beautiful - where in New York?
I agree with the majority love shot 2! But I think #1 is great too.
Beautiful - where in New York?


The Catskills is where found my love of backpacking! I do love this set; it conjures up memories of warm breezes and the rustling of trees, cooler nights and the promise of autumn. I love the range in late October/early November when the trees show amber in the valleys and termination dust sprinkles the ridges. Hope you enjoyed your time there!

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