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Dec 7, 2012
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This forum "throws away" my input if I click the wrong button, whereas other forums will ask if I want to "navigate away" if I have unsaved data.

Specifically to reproduce, click "reply to topic". Type furiously for 10 minutes. Click "reply to topic" (which is the only button visible on the screen) and wonder where my effort went. How RUDE!!

If this is a setting, or something you can fix with your vbulletin installation, you probably should.
There is a red Reply to Thread button at the top left of a thread.

In Quick Reply mode there are 3 buttons - Post Quick Reply, Go Advanced, and Cancel

In Advanced mode there are 2 buttons - Submit Reply and Preview Post.
right. and if I click "reply to thread" then type a bunch of stuff, then click "reply to thread" again instead of submit, rather than ask me if I want to navigate away from my unsaved changes, it just throws them out and gives me a new blank editor window.

The first time it happened, I was searching the thread looking for my post.

Then I finally realized what I had done, and was like... DOH! But it's not 1999 anymore... developers are supposed to know better than that these days.
Eh I've done this a good few times - but then again I've done it in quite a few forums. If the feature is a staple of VB then chances are we can hope the Admin will add the feature in - if its not already a feature chances are it might be because of conflicts with other addons we have enabled or it causes potential other problems (or its in an update that has as yet not been applied).

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