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Oct 13, 2015
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Friendswood TX
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Good morning all

I am very new to photography. I know this pic is not great but wanted to see what you all think.

Nikon D5300
Shutter speed 1/1250
ISO 400
Aperture 5.6


overall its a great photo... ill tell you a few things about it though.

if you have lightroom i would raise up the shadows bar to bring out some more details in the bird and also maybe try to bring the highlights down a little on his back if you can, the highlights do not bother me as of how they look right now, those can be hard to get rid of so if you cant get rid of the highlights i would not worry about that too much. i have plenty of photos with more highlights on the animal than i would like to have but i can live with that. i just have a feeling if you lighten up the shadows the highlights may be a bit much.. maybe not, to me they look fine they way the are now.

if you like it that way it is cropped cool, i think it actually kind of works on this photo.. but generally which ever way the bird is facing would have all the negative space. not all the negative space behind the bird.

my only real complaint here would be the lack of detail in the shadows. it is a good photo for sure.
Having all that extra space on the left side does nothing to enhance the photograph. Since most of the subject material (bird and post) are vertical, It might look better with a vertical crop.

ImageUploadedByTapatalk1446999768.906516 - Version 2.jpg
Good photo. My only advice would be try to lower the ISO & try using a tripod to eliminate shake. The light is good enough for ISO to be at lowest, you may have to bring shutter speed down to allow more light
Nice photo and a great start. I agree, take the suggestions for cropping, or compose (frame the shot) differently
Lots of good advice above. Nice capture.
Thank you all for the great advice.

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