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Nov 20, 2005
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Belgium / Brussels
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Victim of Changes by Dirk Desmet, on Flickr

As everyone is changing from regular cable to Digital Television, here in Belgium, most of them are now watching video on demand.

By this cause, a lot of video rental shops were closing. They became victim of changes.

Not only this video center, but hundreds of them are closing down, with a few employees each, means a loss of more than 1000 jobs in our region.

Nobody seems to care.
TV kills, silently...

While I'm almost one year without cable right now, more time for other hobbies, readings books, gardening, photography, sports, and only renting quality I want to watch. No more bull**** soaps or reality, I'm having my own life :)

-Victim of Changes, a Judas Priest song-
Good post you wrote. Yes, the video rental store in the USA has suffered pretty much the same fate. I recall back around 1995, Bill Gates was interviewed by a reporter, and he said he dreamed of a day when we would be able to turn on our PC, and watch any movie we desired, in real time, with the movie sent to any user's PC, starting at any time! ANd I thought to myself,, "Man, that's gonna be decades in the future!" But as it turns out, broadband internet and tremendously increased computer processing abilities made it possible much sooner.
Nice shot with a sad story to go with it.The Video-Rentals stores all gone in my area as well. Unfortunately it's not just the Video store it's a lot of small Business that can't compete with the super stores. For example, Last year we needed a new washer and where looking at front loaders and we stopped by a local appliance store a mile up the street from where we live and they do have a couple location so there not super small. They had super sale's signs on washer-dryers posted outside and in. On the price side they where about $30.00 higher then Home Depot and would charge me $65.00 for delivery. Trying to work the price they would not budge and work with me on the price at all. In the end, we got the same model front load washer from Home Depot for less money and free delivery and set up at $95.00 less and all I had to do is pay and wait a few days for delivery.
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Reminds me of when our local blockbuster went out of business, which was about 3-4 months ago. There was a Redbox a stones throw away, you could see it from the door. It was weird seeing this video store you had visited almost weekly as a kid, at least 2-3 times a month, and it went out of business. So weird.

I did get some awesome deals on movies, though.
The town where I grew up had 2 video rental stores, now there is a flower shop and a fashion store instead....

I now live in another city, where 2 rental stores are closed. And the last and only is now "for sale".

The photo I took is a rental store in another city next to where I live... I made this photograph because I like corner buildings, and this old style of architecture that I find in lots of other buildings in my region.

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