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May 20, 2007
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Any recommendations? Honestly, I'd like to get into some advertising, but am not ready to blow $3000 on a video camera. So, I'd like to find a great video camera for $300 or less.

Define Great:

Great: decent quality video rather than nifty features. I don't care about capturing 1 megapixel still images. Just want a solid camera that focuses decent, and doesn't cost me a fortune.

My plan... to make TV commercials for companies in the area. Now, the area I speak of has the crappiest TV commercials ever, and I know a bunch of business owners here...and I have experience taking video and editing with Final Cut Pro 4...and I have a relatively creative I may have a good start...just maybe :)

1 year from now... if all goes well, I'd like to be writing and filming commercials for local businesses. If the commercial thing doesn't work out, then I have a decent practical camera for my family.

Any ideas on a $200-$300 video camera?
I thought this is a photo forum, how much expertise do you expect in terms of video?

On other hand are you doing photography professionally?
Probably should have went in the Off topic area but I'd suggest a Hi definition Hard Drive camera. There's a few out there.
Let's all go to the Chevrolet car forum and ask whats the best motorcycle to purchase... lol.
Your in luck I use to do broadcasting in highschool and worked part time at a video production shop back in the day. I have produced several corny TV commercials. Ok just like a photo camera you get what you pay for. A $200-300 wont get you much. Do not go high def (Even though the cameras are more than $300 anyways) cause you will need high def editing software, high def monitors, plus local TV commercail are not high def anyways. In terms of best picture quality or broadcast quality video will be a 3CCD camera, which breaks the color down into the primary colors (Red, Green, Blue) most consumer camera has 1/3 CCD. Also make sure its a miniDv tape, the Dvd video cameras are junk. I use a Canon GL2 which does a great job in low light, I want a Canon XL2 anyways my first video camera is a Sony Handycam HCR-40 which may work just fine for you. If you have any other question feel free to pick my brain.
Thanks, Snyder.

FYI everyone else... I am a photographer who uses this forum a lot, for photography purposes. Maybe I posted this in the wrong area, but I certainly did not join simply to get info about video cameras..that would be stupid. This forum has always been helpful, so I figured it wouldn't hurt asking...sorry if I offended someone.

Snyder... ah, a GL2. I used one of those about 3 years ago.. very nice! I'd like to end up with something like that sometime. I suppose I don't have the money to drop on a GL2 right now... nor do I have a large portfolio to gain the attention of businesses.

I figure that maybe I can get by with a cheapo camera that will at least let me portray my creative side. However, I've never used a cheaper video camera, so this may be impossible.

Relatively speaking... I'd like to buy the Rebel XT of video cameras. For instance, my first DSLR purchase was a Rebel XT. It got me very far for the money spent. Then a year later I upgraded to a 40D. I'd like to see the same thing happen with video.

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