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Sep 24, 2007
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I may be asking this in the wrong place so I apologise in advance. I shot some footage with my Panasonic FZ7 and its in quicktime. From memory, its about 1mb every second or film. I want to convert this. I have about a minute of footage and I have downloaded avi's and Mpegs in the past from the internet that were about 1mb/minute. What is the best software for this for a lossless conversion to avi (preferably).

You are taking about compression, so lossless is not in the equation. Lots of folks use cinepak, but personally I use Motion JPG B, and crank it down in quality just before I start to see it fall apart, or for shorter clips keep it a bit fat.

Then there is DIVX, Flash, etc... Compression is quite a science so you will likely get many varied opinions, so hang on!


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