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Jun 17, 2011
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Has anybody ever damaged the red focusing dots by cleaning the focusing screen? I have. I kept seeing a dark dot that I just had to get rid off. Turned out it wasn't even there, I had missed the spot when cleaning the lens. When I noticed the red dots were gone I started to freak out, but it doesn't affect focusing. In fact I like it better now. Instead of trusting the red light I have to actually see that I focus exactly where I want. No more out of focus picture. :p

The value of my camera went down considerably, but it's ok, not many people want a canon xt nowadays anyway.
How did you manage to do that???
Anyway, how do you know which focus point is active? Or you just manually focus? In the latter case, good luck.
I use the center point, I can always change it using the lcd. But the red dot we see in the viewfinder doesn't affect autofocusing at all, it's just to let you know where the camera is focusing (which is not always as accurate).
I guess nobody has had this experience. If I set the camera to multi points and put the cap on I can barely see the red dots, but I only use one point and under normal light is not visible. Like I said it's not a problem, it's working better for me. I think those squares and blinking dots are distracting.
What camera are you using? Have you read the manual to see what they are? Is it possible that they're focus points?

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