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Feb 10, 2012
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Is it possible (if calibrated appropriately) to use an lcd or led hdtv for photo editing/viewing with any amount of success? Is an IPS monitor an improvement?
An HDTV dooesn't have much resolution. I would recommend using an IPS computer display.
How do you mean it doesn't have much resolution? Maybe I should be a bit more specific in case that makes a difference (I have no idea if it would). I have a Samsung UN55D6900WF TV (Specs - LED TV UN55D6900WF | Samsung TVs) that can be connected via either HDMI or DVI to my computer. The native resolution is 1920x1080, which is the highest some of the lower end IPS monitors go. I'm sure it would at least be an improvement over my laptop screen, but is it still best to get an IPS monitor? If so...I guess I'm going with either an Asus PA246V or a Dell U2410. Anybody have experience with these? Another possibility is an Asus PA238V which is much cheaper. Considering I'm an amateur at best, would the increase in quality of the 246 be that much benefit to someone like me?

Thanks for all the advice. The graffiti pictures I took are really frustrating me not only because I can't get a good one, but because they really highlight the problems of using a laptop screen. If I can't see an accurate representation of a picture I took, I can't really teach myself to take better pictures!
I would recommend the Dell U2410. I have a Dell 2209WA, which I can also recommend.

How do you mean it doesn't have much resolution?

Monitors pretty much blow TVs away in terms of resolution. While 1920x1080 is pretty awesome for a TV, at 54in the dots/pixels are pretty huge comparing to, let's say, a 24in monitor with the same resolution because the pixels are much smaller, making the things look much sharper. The bigger the screen, the higher the resolution needs to be (assuming constant pixel size) in order to maintain the same image quality.
Thanks for pointing that out. I made the mistake of assuming it was obvious.

I have to laugh though. Certified hardware geeks know they are displays, even though the marketing dept. advertises them as monitors.
Ahhhh...makes sense :) Thanks ph0enix! Now just to decide which one. I suppose whichever one I pick, I'll most likely need to buy a calibrator as well. Photography is such an expensive hobby!!

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