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    I represent a historical society that owns several thousand photos. We would like to make them available for download (& possibly earn a few dollars).

    We would like to avoid the expense of setting up our own site, though, so we thought of stock photo sites. However, all those I have contacted are pretty critical - they want good quality photos because, I guess, they're looking on the photo as art while we're looking on it as a piece of history.

    Anyway, my question is this, is there a site out there where we can upload our images at no or little cost to us & have them available for download at a small cost to our clients?

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    You could buy some webspace, put the images on the site and let people download them for nothing. Who owns the copyright? Or you could buy webspace on smugmug and let people download or buy prints etc. Somehow I don't think this enterprise will make a profit.

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