Virginia-profile shot

Exquisite lighting and posing! I instantly liked this scene. I hope you don;t mind, but I saw a couple things I wanted to see altered, so I pulled the Original size into Lightroom and did two things. First, I cloned out that tiny,tiny spot on the edge of the window frame. Then, I cropped off a small amount on the left side of the frame, to focus a bit more attention on her line of gaze, and a tiny bit less on the veil. I also very subtly lightened the shot, to emphasize the beautiful,subtle highlights you captured. While I absolutely love the original lighting and pose, I wish there were a tiny bit more space above her head. Still, I LOVE, just LOVE, the subtlety, and the beautiful true profile pose she is in!

Here is my quick rework. I really,really think the lighting you captured is superb.

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I actually think that by cropping off the extra bit of black to the left of the frame, that it adds a bit of emphasis to the veil, while at the same time, really strengthening the out-the-window gaze. This photo is well worthy of the name "study".
I love the shot... nicely done. It is a little darker than I normally would like, and I think Derrel's edit addresses that nicely.

We all have different tastes... my edit based on the original. It is somewhat between the OP's and Derrel's with a bit more contrast, a touch of skin smoothing, and some specific sharpening

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This is an amazing shot, all three are excellent. I like Charlies take on it though no offense.

Looks like it could be an ad in a Wedding Magazine.
Liking Derrel's crop and then Charlie's edit.. lol can we combine the two??
Liking Derrel's crop and then Charlie's edit.. lol can we combine the two??

The reason I cropped that way was to remove the daylight, bright area. While that helps to tell the story of looking out the window, I chose to eliminate it to keep the eye from being drawn away from the subject.. (within the guideline, that the eye is drawn to the brightest portion of the image). Probably overkill since it is not that bright, really.

As requested... Binga, I hope you don't mind... lol! A different crop with all of right side of image included.

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Thanks for the comments... I have no issue with any of the crops or the tonings.. and agree it was a little dark... shouldn't edit at night with the lights off...
I like what Cgipson did, I found the dot and the bits of light on the curtain a bit distracting but i would also get rid of the hair on the neck level. These are little details...
Otherwise this is an excellent shot, I love the vintage feeling about it of it and the lighting.
I like it... although I can't decide if I like the glass so spotted up... lol! Looks more like dirty glass than rain or anything else...

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