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Jan 12, 2008
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My Grandfather had an aerial picture of his Michigan tree farm and he had someone transform it into a, roughly 14" X 24" wall hanging picture. However the frame was maybe a couple inches deep and was backlit. He would plug the frame into a wall socket and a light between the picture and the rear of the frame made the pic look as if it were on a slide screen or such. The picture was fairly transparent and was a cool sight to behold. He had it made probably 50 years ago. Where would I start to have a picture done in this manner? I searched the web but wasn't certain exactly what to type into the search window as I don't know what this process is called. I typed in 'backlit pictures' but results were photo tips for - duh - providing backlight in taking pictures. Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks.
Do a search for DuraTrans. Most pro labs can do it, but it's not cheap.
I too am looking for a light to go behind some pictures painted on glass. But also have discovered that some photos I took and blew up have a certain amount of transparency. Currently they sit in the windowsill of a couple windows in my living room and the natural light shines through giving the appearance of a slide film.

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