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Want to vote for an advice columnist?

Big Mike

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Dec 16, 2003
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A coworker of mine is in a competition to become a nationally published advice columnist. The top five competitors are writing a new column every day this week and the public is voting on them. The problem is, that is has become a blatant popularity contest, so she's trying to fight fire with fire...asking everyone she knows to vote for her.

If you are up to it (and if you read the responses and think she's worthy), then I'd appreciate your stopping by and voting for her (Irene). There is a new vote each day (up to Saturday) so please vote again if you can.

Here is the link
Are you Canada's advice columnist?
It's letting me vote multiple times... Not sure if it's actually counting all of them though.

Usually there's some kind of "you have already voted" message. I voted 10 or 15 times, lol.
I don't think it actually lets you vote multiple times...I think it just takes you to the 'results view' again, without counting it....but who knows.

Either way, thanks.

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