Wanted: 50mm Pentax F1.7 or F1.4.

Don Simon

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Jul 4, 2005
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After a very ill-advised attempt to open up my 50mm f1.7 I am now left without a decent 50mm faster than f2. Am therefore interested in obtaining an f1.7 or possibly even an f1.4. K-mount would be preferred although an M42 lens would be ok. Doesn't matter if it's an Pentax-A, Pentax-M or anything as long as it has an aperture ring. Will also consider lenses made by other manufacturers for Pentax mounts; it's the flexibility of the large aperture that I'm looking for here.

I know I could easily get one on that website, but IMO they're making enough money off the photographic community already. :)

Please reply or PM if you think you have what I'm after (or similar) and would like to get rid of it. Obviously value would vary depending on the lens & condition, so tell me what you've got and what you would consider a fair price.

Have you looked at KEH? They have fantastic prices on lenses going down to f1.2, starting at about 40 bucks.
Thanks for the link Max - the prices are quite good, but I'm in the UK so not sure it would be any cheaper buying from them. Thanks anyway!

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