Watch out with pixmania


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Jun 2, 2006
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Hi my name is federico and I live in Alicante, Spain
I bought a Nikon coolpix 8800 the 5º of may and up to today I haven´t got the camera neither my money back.
They don´t answer my requests and their workers tell me lies al the time.
Have you had any similar experience?
Can you help me to find the way to don´t let these people keeping my money?

Thank you.
Pixmania is widely known for it's poor customer care. Atleast in the country I live in. It's had alot of bad press here. Many cases of people waiting long periods of time (up to a year) for their stuff to return from repair. Apparently all repairs are done in France, since they have their HQ there.

I would never buy anything from them, although they are a bit cheaper than most others.

In Denmark we have something called the "consumer-council" where you can complain about a purchase or a company, if they treat you bad. It's like a court. Dunno if you have something similar to that in Spain? Coz that would be my advice to you.

- Don

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