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Dec 30, 2010
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San Jose, CA
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Anyone else here have a love of timepieces? I recently discovered I was obsessed with wrist watches. You think photography is an expensive hobby?

I haven't yet spent the time photographing my watches in a professional manner, just a few snapshots.

Album here is incomplete Watches

Of course I'm also a member of WUS
I have few that I like and keep them in the winder. I also have an obsession for fountain pens!

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Yeah I got the bug back in 1990. I only have a few wristwatches. I preferred the ones with all the dials lol, or diamonds. I also bought myself a nice grandfather clock /curio cabinet back then too. A nice cabinet to display the watches .. when I get around to it. LOL
I think I have 8 watches......don't know if that means I'm obsessed or not. I'm always looking at new ones I'd like to get.
I like BIG watches and have several Invicta and Diesel watches.

My collection so far:

Rado Centrix Open Heart
Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean (my crowning jewel)
Seiko Sumo (awesome watch) Blumo blue dial.
Orient black Ray
Citizen Eco-drive chrono that I wear for work
Seagull double retrograde
Seagull moon phase
Seiko Cocktail Time
Helson SharkDiver 42mm bronze w/blue jade dial.

It's addictive! I'm waiting on the last 4 to arrive. That Helson i am very excited about.
I just picked up a customized Vostok Amphibia... I kind of dig it. And my wife bought me a Bulova Precisionist.... yeah, I know, the Bulova is a quartz movement, but that precisionist movement is actually pretty danged cool.

Here's a pic of the Bulova.


I don't have a decent pic of the Vostok at the moment... But here's the eBay link where I bought it. Vostok Amphibian Classic Custom Modded Divers watch, Military Styled Done Right!
I looked at a few of my watch photos and they all are horrible. I did them when I bought my first flash and didn't know much. Guess I should redo all of those sometime.
just got notice my Seagull Moonphase has shipped. Seagull is a Chinese manufacturer, quality is not quite up there with Swiss but a damn good movement for what you pay.
I like watches too
Here's my fav watch I own
I like watches and fountain pens too. Glad someone post some pictures. Very nice Nomos by the way.

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