water...bridge C&C please?


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Mar 28, 2012
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The split down the middle is acceptable for reflections. The exposure looks ok, but I think you could get a little more pop with a levels/curves adjust. Subject wise its just not grabbing my attention. You did a lot of things right. Did you have any of the judges over at CPS take a look at it?

Can I ask, where in Cleveland is this? Used to live there and dont recognize the bridge.
This is in Elyria... and thank you for your feedback? And cps?
$IMG_9335b.jpg any better???
The yellow lights are not working for me, they seem out of place.

So, since I turn every picture into this, I made this out of it to take care of the yellow problem and also add drama etc:

CPS is the Cleveland Photographic Society. Once of the largest camera clubs in the country and they tought me nearly everything I know. An amazing group of people.
I will check it out spacefuzz... thanks! And amolitor...everything looks better after you put your finger on it :) thanks
i'd like the color version with the amount of contrast amol put on it in his b&w version. I like contrasty images though.
also burn the water a bit at about 4-5% with history brush, brings out the water surface texture more while not affecting overall contrast of the image.

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