Water Challenge is over - Congrats Nukie


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Mar 9, 2003
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First of all, a big thank you to all who participated in the Fireworks challenges...absolutely great work!

Now, on to the next challenge...!

PS, can we do water next?

Funny, nikon90s should mention that...because that is what we had already voted on and that is the theme for the next challenge!

So get out there and take your best shots with the theme "Water"!

All photos are due by Thursday, July 24th and we will try to have them posted with your voting options on Friday, July 25th (and also have the next challenge ready to go). Please send submissions to [email protected].

And remember, have fun!
water ... i gotta find something strange to do with water :lol:
its always the guilty ones who claim innocence first....


Very Very tempted to join in this conversation, but i think i better leave it alone :wink:
But i do agree that Manda was extremely quick in clearing herself of any wrong doing.
I think Manda needs to clarify her statement!
A florist friend had a similar statement, I think it was: "feel free to kiss my geranium"!
i think im having water challenge block :?

maybe i outta start submitting some ideas :twisted:

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