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Dec 26, 2008
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I was going through my pictures the other day, and found this one I wanted to share. It was taken all the way back in July.

Dead centering could have been avoided; the white foams makes this image a bit unhappy; probably i liked the leaves more than the flower

Regards :D
As Frequency mentioned.. centering is boriing. The bright highlights on the white foam distract the viewer from the subject. Focus looks pretty good.. and color looks pretty accurate..

Quick nasty edit..

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Great edit. Looks way better.

Thank you! This type of shot is one of the reasons I like to be able to post edits... as you can see! Describing the potential changes would be much more difficult than showing.
I'm just amazed at how you removed the white foam. Unfortunately, I'm assuming you used PH. Unfortunately, can't afford it. Just downloaded Elements 10. Still it's way better then what I was using.
Yeah, I see what you were saying. Nice edit, I do like it.
I don't think the fact that you put this picture in the center is that bad, but the green is to vibrant. Try desaturating the greens so that the flower will stand out more.
I thought that Photoshop elements could do lots of what Photoshop could do. If you can't clone out the foam with elements, you can use GIMP for complex edits.
Gimp is free and is just as powerful as photoshop except for the fact that it's missing 16 bit support :( It also doesn't have adjustment layers, but it has a lot of stuff that Photoshop doesn't have.

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