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Jan 31, 2011
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How's this one? Can it be improved?

It's up the street so I can definitely come back. I think it will be better in the mornings.

Processed photo (HDR)


Original (only straightened and cropped)


Thanks! This forum is helping tons. I hope I am getting better :).

The first thing I notice is the midday harsh sun. It distracts a little from the overall image. Maybe try an overcast day for even lighting, or like you said earlier in the morning with no direct light hitting the falls. That might also give you a slower shutter speed for more water blur. The pool area of the water isn't all that attractive. maybe a slower shutter speed would blur it more to give it a silkier look too.

I went to the Smokies and shot waterfalls all afternoon on a sunny day and wasn't happy at all with them. The next day it was overcast and off and on light rain and came up with some of my favorites to date. They went from deletable shots one day, to my favorites the next with the only difference being the overcast skies.

And at the very least I assume you're using a circular polarizing filter on these?
I actually like the lighting better on the original, I think you lost some of the detail on the tree to the right with the adjustment. Beautiful spot!!

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