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Jun 21, 2003
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Just some photos from the last two weekends. Hope you enjoy them as much as the leeches enjoyed me. :)




Those are real nice! And leaches are good for you, it is those dam Otters you have to watch out for!

-Shea :mrgreen:
#3 for me! I like the feel of that photo.
#1 & #3 for me, they have a calm ethereal feel to them..... plus it reminds me how much I miss being in Oz. Where did you shoot these?
I love waterfall shots like these, great job.
Thanks everyone.

These are shot in the Chichester State Forest (Outside Dungog, NSW) at Jerusalem Creek and Problem Creek.

pp was done in CS3 and was a combination of levels, velvia etc but the main softness comes from an action called Midnight. This one is a Midnight Gold and works particularly well on backlit subjects.

If you can't find it on-line, drop me a PM with your e-mail addy and i'll send it to you.
Wow...these are some beautiful shots. Very well captured. The first and third are my faves...cant decide. :thumbup::thumbup:
Thanks again for the comments. The third shot is seeming to be a crowd favourite when people see it. The branches just have so much to say the way they are gnarled and reaching out across the photo. As soon as I saw the tree, I knew I had to photograph it.
Great pictures, love the movement of the water. What'd you do to get that look in No. 3?

Even if you dont use an action, I believe you could get a similar effect on #3 by duplicating the layer, then applying a gaussian blur to the dup layer. Then with the blurred layer on top, set blending to overlay or soft light. The amount of gaussian blur will depend on the size of the image, probably 14-20 for a full res image, and maybe 4 for a 700 px wide web image.

And, great pics by the way, luckydog! :)
All very nice. I like the effect on #3 the most though.

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