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    Does anybody have Corel PaintPro XI ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I am trying to use a watermark. I created one, and saved it as a .PSP file.....but when i try to run it through batch process - it doesn't work. I always get an error. I have tried saving the script from start to finish as:
    1) open Psp file, copy & paste as new layer, merge layers, close psp file

    2) open Psp file, copy & paste as new layer, merge layers

    3) i tried a couple different ways in the past, but cannot remember them.

    I just want to paste an image on another image. Thats all. Every photo that i do this to have the same dimesions - so thats not the issue... I can MANUALY to it to all of them.....but that takes WAY too long - as you know.

    If ANYBODY has ever used this program - pleaaaaase help me. This is an ongoing issue that i cannot resolve. From what i hear, other programs do this just fine. oh, i tried calling the help line - but they want to charge me $25 for them to tell me the answer. Blah. Screw them. :) Help would be greatly appreciated! :) thanx !!!!!!!!!!! :hail:



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