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Nov 15, 2010
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I am trying to create a simple, clean, and easy to use website. I am using Smugmug and have been messing with the customizations provided on I like how it currently looks, but I am open to suggestions to possibly improve. I am mainly concerned about the look and feel of the site. As for the sections, I will be adding to them as my portfolio grows.

MJ Studios Photography- Family portrait photography in the Utica Rome area


I don't like the logo with the white outline, looks cheap. Also I wish there was navigation for the main image gallery. Props for having a mobile version that is more streamlined, but I think that might be smugmug and not you. Also on the mobile side it is only showing a few of your main categories.

Also I would be a bit more picky as to what to show in some of your galleries.
I plan on updating the logo. It was something I had just forgot about and will go do that now. Thanks for the reminder.
The green text on the gray background is hard to well as the text at the bottom of the screen. I like the large photo.

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