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Jun 7, 2012
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Manny212 graciously took us up on our offer to let him shoot with us at a wedding in Fort Myers today.
it went GREAT! the wedding was a little uncoordinated, but nothing we weren't used to.
Heres a few quick shots of us working, and a group shot with what I have been told is the "TPF" salute.
first thing you might notice is that Manny is a sexy beast.
secondly, for someone that has never shot a wedding before, he really took well to it, needing almost no direction.
It was nice getting to meet and shoot with a fellow forum member. It was a good experience overall for us, and I think this will be something we offer again in the future. :thumbup::thumbup:

Manny---shades of Dan Marino before he got all old and fat!!!! I love the TPF salute!
I saw the first shot and thought "Manny is a sexy beast, and that is a pretty macho screen name for her." before I realized that was your wife. No offense Manny, you guys are all lovely people. :lmao:

I'm so glad you found a member to take you up on your offer, and I love the TPF salute!:cheer:
The salute should be with the lens pointed toward your head ;)

That seemed like an awesome opportunity. Good on y'all for offering such a cool experience.
love the salute!
Pix... dude... how many times I gotta tell ya'... ya' CAN'T wash the missus in hot water, she'll shrink!


Very cool meet-up!
Pix, there is truly a special place in Photographer Heaven for people like you and the Mrs.

Your generosity never ceases to inspire.

Thanks for being you.
Lmao Tirediorn no hot water it's just me. How I hooked up with mr tall, dark and handsome 19 years thats ago is a mystery. :)

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