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Aug 3, 2012
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Mustang Oklahoma
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Took the kids to visit the Grandparents this weekend. These few photos just seemed to beg me to do a b&w conversion on them.

1) The sign was either washed out or painted but I still find it interesting.

Lease road riding by Ron_Lane, on Flickr

2) We all enjoy riding the 4-wheeler's when we go to see them.

Takin' a spin by Ron_Lane, on Flickr

3) Some of the backwoods that we ride through on the track that we made.

Beyond the sticks by Ron_Lane, on Flickr

4) This one was meant for b&w.

Papa & his boy by Ron_Lane, on Flickr
The first is just a straight-on picture of a sign. I mean, I shoot signs, but only when they're rusted or otherwise abused and it's the texture and pattern I'm after. This doesn't really do anything.

The last is a really nice shot. The only thing worth trying is a perspective correction on the left.

The third is too busy and nothing really stands out. The second is pretty good.

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