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Discussion in 'General Gallery' started by osterhas, Jul 24, 2005.

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    Jul 24, 2005
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    hey there,

    i am a new user of this forum and i like to start with some pictures i've taken. indeed the pictures are of poor quality and a bit darker than they really are. that's because they descend of an old dia/dias (i don't know if that is the same in english) film and so it was hard to digitalize them in best quality.

    another point is that i am totaly new to photography but i hope i can learn much here in the forum. after that long and boring speak .. here are the photos: :D




    Ciao, Marcel

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    Can others edit my Photos:
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    Hallo Marcel "Osterhas" (Easter Bunny, heehee :D), na endlich bin ich nicht mehr fast die Einzige aus Deutschland hier :). Willkommen beim TPF (ThePhotoForum).

    Dias = colour slides

    To all the others: I am greeting Marcel in German here, saying that now thankfully I am no longer almost the only one posting from Germany here.

    Emayd is also in Germany, and so is Deveel. But they don't come ever so often.

    I like the second of your introductory photos best. What a sunset!!!

    Unfortunately all of the last is dark and "unscharf" (blurred). But I still could steal that salad out of the computer right now and eat it! ;) Salad, hmmmmmm!

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