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Jun 24, 2007
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But someone is paying me for prints. It was a portfolio building shoot with a wiggle worm. Loved her curls!



Well these are really great. Your color is perfect and the focus is right on......her mother will be very happy!
Very nice series. She is a cutie. I really like your DOF on these. #3 is precious, but I give #2 props. Her expsession is what a child that age should have on. Also like the way the sun is hitting the top of her head and illuminates the wild hair. Well done.
Phew! I was hesitant to look at the replies :)

Yup, I sure am EJB.

And I am gonna crit myself cuz I JUST noticed that blue cast on her black hair...must fix that!
Lol too funny- I can tell who is an ILPer and who isn't based on the work- there is a clear difference in the style :) Some people hate that ILP has it's own style- I love the style so it works for me.

I'm Erin Bell over there. say hello sometime!
I think I have learned more on ILP in the month I have been there then in the whole 8 months I have had a DSLR!
I will say hi. I am just same ol' sweetsomedays over there ;)

Thanks April! I am BAD with my comp and really have been working on trying to nail it in camera. A wee bit difficult with someone who refuses to hold still. But I will learn, motionless target or not!
A little bit overexposed, particularly the centre one but the expressions are cute, the eyes are good too and you got some detail in the black hair which is always a challenge.

I overexposed the background in 1 like in 2 but duped the image, under exposed and then masked it in to darken the background. I am wondering if it would be good to do that with 2 as well. HMMM...
Great job, really loke the colors of the dress. Cute subject.

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