Went for a drive today


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Nov 15, 2011
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Denver, CO
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Took and early morning drive today and went into the hills down to the ocean. Was a little cooler this morning than it has been so not many people were out.

1. Pretty view I found on the side of a back road in the the hills. Like the contrast of trees vs open area.

2. Side of Rt1 along the coast. Not much of a beach but pretty nonetheless

3. A wall of vines that during the summer was full of leaves, now almost bare with just a few berries left on it. Not sure if the focus is helping or hurting the picture.

Have not been able to get out for pictures as much lately. Was a nice treat this morning to finally do so.
Yeah, number 2 for me as well.
Thanks! #2 has been the popular one in my other circles as well.

Still working on my eye as to what stands out and people are drawn to. I have to wonder how many great pictures I overlook in my library that I dont take the chance on.
Nice set. I like #2 a lot but #1 keeps tugging at me, I think it's the dof. I like it.

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