Went to a Festival (some pics)


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Dec 29, 2009
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it was an very overcast day, I was trying to capture random people pics rather than wide crowd shots. I am a n00bie still learning :blushing:







Uh, not really sure what to say. The only thing you have looking at the camera is the dog.

Unless you have a hair fetish, the first three images are not too interesting. Great hair detail in #2, but the subject is just hair.

the girl with the bubbles is cute, but you have her so far on the side of the frame...move her a bit more towards the middle and get in closer.

Remember that when trying to convey a thought or emotion to a photo viewer, you as the photographer need to take everything in the frame into consideration...the subject, the background, the exposure, the colour, shapes, textures... this all helps in telling your story.

When shooting living beings, the key to interest is usually with the face and more importantly with the eyes. Backs of heads are boring. How many great sport shots have you seen that dont have the athlete's eyes in them? Probably a few, but they are a minority.

You said it was a festival, but nothing shows me what kind of festival or what was going on. When doing journalistic shoots like this, get a mix of those "crowd shots" that help you give the viewer an idea of what is going on. Supplement that with emotional (funny, sad,...whichever) candid shots of people, closer in the frame.
What you are saying is exactly the kind of feedback I am looking for.

I looked through all my photos (some 200) I took that day and the vast majority were subjects from behind - I do have a issue with brazenly taking photos of people from the front. In fact, the little girl I asked her parents permission to take photos of her blowing bubbles as it took several shots to get it right.

I guess I just don't want to piss anyone off by getting in their face, I don't care with the telephoto though - or dogs, obviously!

Overall I was trying to get photos of people watching the perfomers - I thought the hair girl was interesting because she was modern and funky where the performer was singing jazz.

Live and learn! I'll get out again soon.
When you were standing behind the guitarist in #2 you had the perfect opportunity to get some candid shots of anyone in that small crowd.

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