Western Screech Owl


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May 25, 2010
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Helena, Montana, USA
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We don't see many screech owls in this area, so this is a treat. This one appears to be nesting in the tree, with another (male?) staying close. I thought the colors of the sunset reflecting off the leaves in the background added to the mood in this image. Shot with a Canon 7D and 500mm f/4 lens.

NatureZone Photography - Nature and Wildlife Images by Karl Krieger


Thanks for looking!
Very nice. I like the diagonal break. Can you push it a bit more? Making the tree start in left bottom corner to fill in some of that distracting white. That was the owl will be more vertical as well.
Nice shot! The owl camouflage nicely with the tree.
Really nice! Shows off how good that owl's camouflage is!

I was fine with the composition, and still am, but leighthal's comment does make me wonder: I think I'd be tempted to try a vertical version, to lose all that tree photo-left of the owl. It would bring the owl out a bit more, I think. Yes, you'd lose a lot of the sunset-tinted background, which IS quite lovely, but you could keep enough of it to still work just fine.
I think I like it as is. Well done!
Love the shot. Nice owl, and the composition is kinda fun too.


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