Wet batteries


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Jun 16, 2015
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Unfortunately some batteries for my Canon Cameras a 7DMII battery, RP and 40 all got put in water for 20 minutes or so.

They are now in rice.

Should I

a) chuck them


b) should they be fine?
I should have it was tap water
I would still drop canon for your area a call/email
It’s one thing taking a chance with my own camera but to advise you as I don’t know and will go the safe route
I would say get new batteries
I would think they should be fine. Batteries are sealed items so I doubt water got inside them. Now if it was salt water I'd worry.
I would still drop canon for your area a call/email

this is what i'd do.

camera batteries are a bit safer, but we've had a few drone batteries at work explode, catch fire, etc.. one caught fire while charging. i'm a little bit leery about lithium ion batteries in general.
I left them to try and then put them to charge - no water came out when charging and the temperature was the same as normal.

I then dried again and they worked fine no problems.
I waded into a loch while fishing last year and forgot my fone was in a leg pocket of my combat trousers. Killed it. Tried drying it out. Nothing, completely ruined. Bought a new handset only to find the old fone kicked back into life a week or two later. Water ingression does not necessarily sound the death knell of devices.

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