what are approriate lenses?


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Jan 14, 2008
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Hi All... New member... New to amateur photographys as well...
I just picked up a Canon 40D and I have a 28-80mm Tamron lense w/it.

Are there other suggested lenses that I should get?
I'm planning on taking a lot of:
People/group shots
Landscape Shots (Regular frame and Wide/Panoramic frames)
Upclose fauna/flora
Also would like to try taking shots of:
Action/Sport shots
CityLight (from hill/mountains)

Any suggestion is greatly appreciated.
min apperture - F/22
that's from the Specs sheet
Ok. What's the lowest aperture number?

I would suggest adding a telephoto to your repitoire (sp?), so that you can do sports shots from far away. I love my telephoto, it's on my camera most of the time.
appaterue range 3.5 to 5.6 (I think that's about right)
thanks for the recommendation on telephoto lens... I'll look into that.
You'll probably want something wider than 28mm for group people photos. You'll find that pretty restrictive, especially if you're indoors. You might take a look at the Canon EF-S 10-22mm which will handle group shots in tigher spaces, along with your landscape stuff. For sports, yes a telephoto zoom is what you'd want to look for. I love Canon's various 70-200mm lenses, especially the f/4 constant aperture versions. It's tough to make any specific recommendations without knowing what your budget is. Lenses can cost anywhere from less than $100 brand new to several thousand dollars.
I love my telephoto has well, the smaller lens i use hasnt been used much at all.
I haven't really set a budget for purchasing lenses, shopping around I have seen price jumps from 150+ to higher end extremes. What do other begginer like me ussually set aside for budget on lenses. I want to save some cash, but I know lenses carry picture quality as much as the body, so I don't really want to be cheap.

Currently I'm looking at 100-200 per lens, but I can adjust that range based on other's experiences in shopping around.

Also any recomendations on online stores? I've been told bhpphotovideo is a good place.

Thanks again to everyone..
Looks like I have to up my budget to get the 10-20mm lens, which for what I really want to do I don't mind.

I was thinking the Sigma model for cost, any recomendations/reviews?
If I pick this up look like the telephoto will have to wait.
Has anyone compared the Canon to the Sigma models? There quite a difference fromwhat I see online.

Thanks for all the great advice.
just make sure that it will work with your camera.

what type of photography do you plan on doing?

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