What are engagement photos and how are they different than wedding photos?


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Jul 27, 2009
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One of my fraternity brothers just got engaged and I'm wondering if I should offer my services to take some engagement photos. Granted, I'm not 100% what they are but I'm wanting the expereince and to add them to my portfolio.

Are they just photos of the happy couple?
After the wedding, it's too late to just call it off. At the engagement stage, it's reversible.
All that equipment and you don't know what engagement photos are?

I have never done them before, give me some slack lol.

I'm sure a special forces sniper doesn't know how to use a crossbow. Just because you know how to do one thing doesn't mean you know how to do it all...
ok, wtf, another fraternity brother just proposed. All I heard when I found out was the sound of a cash register opening and dollar signs. I found my way to pay off my mkIV lol...
All that equipment and you don't know what engagement photos are?

This was my thought exactly. The "Ls" kind of stood out just a tad.

Search the forum or Google images.
Engagement photos are kind of a warm up to the wedding in my books. I get to know the couple, the couple gets to know me. I learn their 'flaws' when taking the photos and can do an even better job on the wedding day and hopefully they will be more comfortable then. Engagements are way more slack, typically in way more casual clothes, different location. They can be used for invites, save the dates etc. etc.

On my blog I have some engagements if you want an idea.
Google Tony Hoffer, Emin Kuliyev and/or Sam Hassas for an idea of engagement photography examples.

Or just google Engagement sessions.

Short answer - yes, they're photos of the happy couple.

Not as short answer - it can be so much more. It gives a chance to get them relaxed in front of a camera, it gives you and them flexibility to tell their story in photo form, or let them express their interests.

It gives you an incredible chance to flex that photomagination-brain of yours.

Also, think of location and style that would best suit them. Some prefer posed over candid and vice versa. Some prefer fields with lots of lens flare etc. Others like Old Town "insert name of historic city" shots. Some like downtown city shots, and others like studio.

Sky's the limit.

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