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Oct 7, 2008
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[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8DVKfOQRCSc&eurl=]YouTube - Fox News Hannity and Colmes - Exterminate White People[/ame]

Discuss. I'll post my opinion when this thread gets going.
A magnificent example of why I long ago gave up listening to 'Talk show' hosts.

Years ago I would tune in to Rush Limbough from time to time, primarily out of admiration for the actors who impersonated call-in listeners. I greatly enjoyed the parodies. The caricatures of 'true believers'* were a delight.

Then a friend told me that at least some of the callers were not actors, but real listeners.

I stopped tuning in.

* In the Eric Hoffer sense.
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Discuss. I'll post my opinion when this thread gets going.

I'm not so sure this thread will get going before it's locked, so why don't you post your opinion now?
Well he talks about how the europeans "exterminated" in the old days. The key words: IN THE OLD DAYS. Yes there are KKK members still in the south. But from what I noticed in NYC is that black people actually have it better here. They get welfare, public housing and stuff like that. With me just because my dad makes a couple thousands more than what is expected I don't get these privileges. We tried public housing, denied, public insurance, denied. Also now in NYC if you say the N word and you are white you could even get arrested. For black people they can call everyone what ever they want and they don't get into trouble. He also talks about the Saun Bell killings. That happened two years ago. Since the cops felt like they were in trouble they had to fight back. I could bet anyone that if it was a white guy getting shot by two black cops it wouldn't even be heard in the news. And he says how the police arrest black people a lot. No wonder, they have guns, deal drugs and do other illegal things. And they complain that they are being persecuted.
Personally I think racism and xenophobia (amongst a lot of other things) may be an genetic "miss-firing" from our ancestral past. Our ancestors would have roamed the earth in small tribes, and this would probably have meant they were dipping into the same gene pool. Encountering any unknown or outsider tribes (with their outsider genes) would have caused a fear, and distrust, created by the genes in an attempt to protect their own pool, and hence continue their survival.

nowadays, we no longer live in small tribes (at least not in the western world), our genes are wider spread and we have the intellect to realise this, but it doesn;t stop the "miss-firing" from occurring.

That said, I'm far from any expert on the subject of race or genetics, that's just my humble attempt at explaining or understanding it myself, and I could be completely wrong. So take it with a pinch of salt :)
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