What could make this better? Pretty sure something is off.

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Apr 27, 2009
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Cleveland, Ohio
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Just not sure what.

I am not crazy about the subject. However the earphones are a nice touch.
The issue is that black mass in the middle of what would be a nice architectural shot. :greenpbl:
I think it is that small spider up there in the upper left corner... it is looking the wrong way! :)
I think, I get lost in the blackness of the statue. I can't really make any detail out in him, which makes the shot uncomfortable to me.
I like the repeating hallway/arches.
Its the shiny-ness of the black figure for me. It doesn't seem to go with the muted tones of the arches and concrete.
Wouldn't it be boring without the contrast, and all that boring repitition?
Now that I look at it again, statues don't listen to music!!! That's just F'd up!!
I'd like to see more of the corridor and I'm undecided on the statue. Just different vision, but I think the repetition should be the subject.
The subject was capturing street art found in an unlikely place, in an artful manner. It wasn't about the architecture. *scratches head*
I find that the black statue disrupts the harmony and flow of the photo in a extremely harsh manner. It is just "out of place"... :) IMO!
But isn't that the point! Being out of place?
That may have indeed been the intent of the artist.. but that doesn't mean I have to like it! lol!
You tell us......lol Was it meant to make us feel uncomfortable?

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