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Jun 24, 2007
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I see a pattern with this child...she's very mouthy. And before ya say the eyes are to sharp...I didn't do anything but lightin the iris and sharpen the whole pic for the web! Is the color of her face ok? I had sunset light coming in my window and had to correct a bit for an orange cast.
I am totally diggin the creamy skin the D300 is producing.
that's really good...and you're right...the eyes are SUPER sharp. The skin is a bit distracting because of its colour...but that may just be the whole baby thing...I'm not sure. Good job.
I tryed to correct without taking her natural skin tone away. But she has this spot right between her eyes that looks green to me and I have NO clue what to do with it.
oh I see it. a tad below the center of her eyebrows....
well...I'm not sure how that happened...
but you can select it in photoshop and change the color balance if you want...

or use the heal brush and then
edit> fade heal brush
and it should fix it up a tad.
It's just there on her in person :) She has a little blue vein no one has seen cuz I always heal it out.
Thanks sideburns, I am gonna re-do it and fix that!

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